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Many students from Howard University participate in an annual visit to the African Burial Ground where they learn our history


The African Burial Ground National Monument offers off-site and on-site presentations. Groups of 10 or larger can arrange reservations for a ranger-led tour. Reservations are neccessary to ensure adequate preparation and staff availability. On-site presentations may be scheduled collectively or individually.

Off-site presentation

Off-site presentations consist of a 60-minute program offered by NPS staff at your location. The ranger shows a film approximately 20 minutes in length and then speaks on the history and significance of the site from it's establishment to the opening of the new visitor center.

On-site presentation

On-site presentations in the visitor center consist of a 60-minute program led by NPS staff. The program includes a 20-minute film, an orientation to the exhibits, and an opportunity for self led exploration of the center's interactive elements.

On-site memorial talks consist of a 20-minute talk led by NPS staff at the outdoor memorial. The talk highlights the symbolism and significance of the memorial and the efforts to preserve and protect this sacred place.

Commemorative art tours consist of a self-guided tour of the art located in the lobby of the Ted Weiss Federal Building.


Reservations are required for these programs. Download an Educational Service Request form to begin the reservation process.

If you have any questions regarding visitation to the African Burial Ground National Monument or the reservation process please call (212) 238-4367.

I always associated slavery with the plantations in the South.  I did not know there had been slavery in New York!
A visit to our site can help visitors learn about history they never knew before

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Discover the African Burial Ground National Monument: A Lightning Lesson from Teaching with Historic Places

A lightning lesson from teaching with historic places has officially launched on the National Park Service website. This is the lesson plan. If you use it with your students, give us your feedback. We appreciate it!

In the lesson, students analyze a map of colonial New York before “digging” into experiences of enslaved people in the city and investigating the role of archaeology in the historic cemetery's rediscovery. Students will examine evidence of how Africans and African Americans honored the deceased at the site over the centuries. With this information, students will develop theories about the influence of the Historic Preservation Act of 1966, the African diaspora, and how cultural traditions give meaning to life and death.

Last updated: May 31, 2019

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