New Employee Orientation

Welcome to the National Park Service. Here, you will find various resources to help you begin your orientation process including getting to know our organization, our values, and our mission. This site provides the essential information, forms, contacts, and checklists to begin working at your new NPS duty station before your first day on the job.

Your orientation begins here and will continue once you are officially on board. Explore this site and utilize these resources to help launch your amazing journey with the Park Service. The New Employee Checklist is a great tool to start with; it will guide you through activities to complete and conversations to come that will help you become accustomed to your new position and environment. The New Employee Handbook and remaining tools provide you with critical Park Service information and support.

Our employees are our most important asset and we are invested in helping you feel welcomed, valued, and engaged.

Open Transcript


(Jon Jarvis, National Park Service Director): You are now part of an incredible organization that preserves America’s unique natural and cultural heritage in our national parks and also helps communities preserve and enjoy what they value close to home. We connect Americans and the world to the mosaic of our nation’s history, culture, and great open spaces. I’m Jon Jarvis, director of the National Park Service, and I am so happy to welcome you. I’m committed to making the National Park Service one of the best places to work in the federal government. Being the best is a team effort, so we are glad you are here. We are transforming our organization to make sure our workforce gets the support it needs, because people are our most important asset. With strong and engaged employees, we will be better equipped to protect America’s special places, provide exceptional experiences for hundreds of millions of visitors, and help revitalize communities across the country. We must innovate and grow, develop inspirational and effective leaders, and attract and retain a high-caliber, diverse, inclusive workforce. To help you perform at your highest level, we will make sure that we recognize and reward your good work and promote a healthy work/life balance. Over the course of your career, you will work with colleagues from Alaska to Guam and to our nation’s capital. Nurture these relationships because these people will become your support network, your mentors and your friends. Always remember that we work for the American people. Accountability to them and upholding their trust is our most important responsibility. You are joining us at an exciting time – in the run-up to the National Park Service’s 100th birthday in 2016. We created a “Call to Action” to help prepare our second century of stewardship. The plan offers 36 actions that are organic, alive, and challenging – and just waiting for you to bring your creativity and innovation to make them real where you work. Take a look to see what stirs your passion, and then take the leap to make it happen! I encourage you to seize every opportunity to learn and grow. Your ingenuity and dedication to our mission are essential to our success. Let’s work together to make America’s best idea its best place to work.

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In this 3-minute video, Director Jon Jarvis welcomes all new employees and highlights how we can work together to make America's Best Idea its Best Place to Work.

Last updated: November 29, 2019