How to Request an Accident Report

To request a motor vehicle accident ("crash") report for an incident you were involved in within the Washington, D.C., San Francisco, California, or New York City metropolitan areas, email us at For a copy of a report for any other police incident you were involved in, regardless of the jurisdiction, please email us at

Reports can be released as a “routine use” to any of the following entities or individuals, for the purpose of providing information on traffic accidents, personal injuries, or the loss or damage of property:

  • Individuals involved in such incidents;
  • Persons injured in such incidents;
  • Owners of property damaged, lost, or stolen in such incidents; and/or
  • These individuals’ duly verified insurance companies, personal representatives, administrators of estates, and/or attorneys.

*The release of information under these circumstances will only occur when it will not interfere with ongoing law enforcement proceedings; risk the health or safety of an individual; or reveal the identity of an information or witness that has received an explicit assurance of confidentiality (See DOI-10, Incident Management, Analysis and Reporting System 79 FR 31974 (June 3, 2014); Modification published 86 FR 50156 (September 7, 2021), Routine Use #16).

Last updated: May 11, 2023