Trees and Shrubs

Redbud trees during the spring along Knob Creek
Redbud trees along Knob Creek

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Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historical Park has a large number of trees and shrubs that might catch your attention. The trees here are mostly hardwoods that display their beautiful colors in the fall. They also produce nuts and berries that attract wildlife to the area. To learn more about the different varieties link to the United States Department of Agriculture:

Coniferophyta - Conifers
Family Cupressaceae - Cypress family
Juniperus virginiana/ Eastern red cedar

Family Pinaceae - Pine family
Pinus strobes/ Eastern white pine
Pinus virginiana/ Virginia pine

Magnoliophyta - Flowering plants
Family Caprifoliaceae - Honeysuckle family
Lonicera japonica/ Japanese honeysuckle
Lonicera maackii/ Amur honeysuckle
Diervilla spp./ Bush honeysuckle
Sambucus nigra ssp. canadensis/ Common elderberry
Viburnum prunifolium/ Smooth blackhaw
Viburnum rufidulum/ Rusty blackhaw

Family Smilacaceae - Catbrier family
Smilax bona-nox/ Saw greenbrier
Smilax glauca/ Cat greenbrier
Smilax herbacea/ Smooth herbaceous greenbrier
Smilax rotundifolia/ Roundleaf greenbrier
Smilax tamnoides/ Bristly greenbrier

Family Bignoniaceae - Trumpet creeper family
Campsis radicans/ Trumpet creeper

Family Oleaceae - Olive family
Fraxinus americana/ White ash
Fraxinux quadrangulata/ Blue ash
Ligustrum sinense/ Chinese privet

Family Ebenaceae - Ebony family
Diospryros virginiana/ Common persimmon

Family Ericaceae - Heath family
Rhododendron catawbiense/ Catawba rhododendron
Vaccinium arboreum/ Farkleberry
Vaccinium pallidum/ Blue Ridge blueberry
Vaccinium stamineum/ Deerberry

Family Betulaceae - Birch family
Carpinus caroliniana/ American hornbeam
Corylus americana/ American hazelnut
Ostrya virginiana/ Hophornbeam

Family Fagaceae - Beech family
Castanea dentata/ American chestnut
Fagus grandifolia/ American beech
Quercus alba/ White oak
Quercus falcata/ Southern red oak
Quercus imbricaria/ Shingle oak
Quercus lyrata/ Overcup oak
Quercus marilandica/ Blackjack oak
Quercus muehlenbergii/ Chinkapin oak
Quercus prinus/ Chestnut oak
Quercus rubra/ Northern red oak
Quercus stellata/ Post oak
Quercus velutina/ Black oak

Family Hamaelidaceae - Witch-hazel family
Liquidambar styraciflua/ Sweetgum
Hamamelis virginiana/ American witch-hazel

Family Platanaceae - Plane-tree family
Platanus occidentalis/ American sycamore

Family Juglandaceae - Walnut family
Juglans nigra/ Black walnut
Carya cordiformis/ Bitternut hickory
Carya glabra/ Pignut hickory
Carya ovata/ Shagbark hickory
Carya pallida/ Sand hickory

Family Moraceae - Mulberry family
Morus alba/ Mulberry
Morus rubra/ Red mulberry

Family Ulmaceae - Elm family
Celtis laevigata/ Sugarberry
Celtis occidentalis/ Common hackberry
Ulmus americana/ American elm
Ulmus rubra/ Slippery elm

Family Lauraceae - Laurel family
Lindera benzoin/ Northern spicebush
Sassafras albidum/ Sassafras

Family Annonaceae - Custard-apple family
Asimina triloba/ Pawpaw

Family Magnoliaceae - Magnolia family
Liriodendron tulipifera/ Tuliptree

Family Menispermaceae - Moonseed family
Menispermum canadense/ Common moonseed

Family Aquifoliaceae - Holly family
Ilex opaca/ American holly

Family Celastraceae - Bittersweet family
Euonymus americanus/ American strawberry-bush
Euonymus atropurpureus/ Eastern burningbush

Family Cornaceae - Dogwood family
Cornus drummondii/ Roughleaf dogwood
Cornus florida/ Flowering dogwood
Cornus racemosa/ Gray dogwood

Family Fabaceae - Pea family
Cercis canadensis/ Eastern redbud
Gleditsia triacanthos/ Honeylocust
Robinia pseudoacacia/ Black locust

Family Elaeagnaceae - Oleaster family
Elaeagnus umbellata/ Autumn olive

Family Rhamnaceae - Buckthorn family
Frangula caroliniana/ Carolina buckthorn

Family Vitaceae - Grape family
Parthenocissus quinquefolia/ Virginia creeper
Vitis cinerea/ Pigeon grape
Vitis labrusca/ Northern fox grape
Vitis riparia/ Riverbank grape
Vitis rotundifolia/ Muscadine

Family Hydrangeaceae - Hydrangea family
Hydrangea arborescens/ Wild hydrangea

Family Rosaceae - Rose family
Amelanchier arborea/ Common serviceberry
Prunus americana/ American plum
Prunus serotina/ Black cherry
Rosa carolina/ Carolina rose
Rosa multiflora/ Multiflora rose
Rubus argutus/ Sawtooth blackberry
Rubus flagellaris/ Northern dewberry
Rubus occidentalis/ Black raspberry

Family Aceraceae - Maple family
Acer rubrum/ Red maple
Acer saccharum/ Sugar maple
Acer negundo/ Box elder

Family Anacardiaceae - Sumac family
Rhus aromatica/ Fragrant sumac
Rhus copallinum/ Winged sumac
Toxicodendron radicans/ Eastern poison ivy

Family Hippocastanaceae -- Horse chestnut family
Aesculus octandra/ Yellow buckeye

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