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Children earn their badges by completing the Junior Ranger Program.
Children earn their badges by completing the Junior Ranger Program

Children are encouraged to participate in the free Junior Ranger Program while visiting the Birthplace or the Boyhood Home Unit of the park.

Objectives of the Junior Ranger Program:

  • Help children explore, learn about and protect Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historical Park , the National Park Service and our environment
  • Help the child develop an appreciation of our natural and cultural heritage
  • Encourage the child to learn more about his/her heritage

The Junior Ranger Program is a popular youth program designed by the National Park Service to promote exploring, learning, and protecting the park while having fun. This free program is designed for school age children between the ages of 6 and 12; however, no child will be denied an opportunity to participate in the program. The Junior Ranger booklet has several age relevant sections that must be attempted before the child will be awarded their badge and certificate.

Help is available from any park employee. In addition, parents and grandparents may provide assistance; however, the child should be encouraged to complete the booklet on his/her own while visiting either unit of the park.

The program’s objectives are to encourage children to explore, learn, and protect Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historical Park, the National Park Service and their environment. The program assists the child in developing an appreciation of our cultural and natural resources, and kindle in the child a desire to explore, learn and protect our heritage.

The child is only required to show an interest in the program and pick up a booklet at the Birthplace Visitor Center or the Boyhood Home at Knob Creek. Program materials are free. The child should attempt to complete the pages within their age group and return the booklet to the staff person on duty to be checked and certified. Activities are designed to help the child explore and learn about the park while on site. The child will then receive their badge and certificate.

Junior Ranger programs are available from all National Park sites and children can become a Web Ranger by accessing the following site:

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