Lesson Plan Three Procedures/Process


You should research and record interesting information from books, magazines, or the list of websites.

This information will be helpful in creating your timeline, feature article, brochure, diamante, movie maker, or PowerPoint.

For example:

Assemble a 2 column feature article in Microsoft Word and your stories in your own words. If you use direct quotes, make sure to put them in quotation marks. Remember to cite your sources of quotes and any information you used. As editor, you have full control about what is included in your paper, including appropriate pictures to convey your story. The same process can be used to organize your thoughts as in a writers' journal.

You may write on:

  • Lincoln's life
  • Lincoln's Kentucky Connections
  • Slaves and/or the Underground Railroad
  • Gettysburg Address & Emancipation Proclamation
  • Influences made by Mary Todd Lincoln
  • Influences from Henry Clay
  • Time Capsule: Freedom in the Year 2000

***Make sure you keep record of sources for your bibliography***.

Lists of Suggested Tasks:

1. Make a timeline of significant events in Abraham Lincoln's life and their Kentucky connections. Were there also people from Kentucky who may have been primary or secondary sources?


2. Collect interesting facts about President Lincoln's life in Kentucky and include a photo. Turn this into a feature article, brochure, diamante, movie maker or a PowerPoint presentation.


3. Discuss the Emancipation Proclamation, using any of the media forms listed in #2. In the presentation, discuss what was going on in Kentucky with slavery during this time (You may even consider given a first person account of a slave traveling the Underground Railroad).


Day 1: Introduction by walking through the lesson plan with students, explaining expectations. Show an example of each of the possible genres/methods of delivering information. Demonstrate proper use of citations and begin research if time permits.

Day 2: Students will begin research, noting which tasks they would like to pursue, and planning what they anticipate for their outcome.

Day 3: Following the Process, students will begin working on the final product.

Day 4: Same as Day 3.

Day 5: Some students may be finished with product. Have them look at the rubric to check their work, check spelling, grammar, etc.

Day 6 and 7 for those who may need extra time to finish product. Follow same procedure as day 5. Have those who are finished to work on additional Lincoln related activities-word search, scavenger hunt, view video tapes

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