Lesson Plan Two Curriculum Standards

Curriculum Standards:

Academic Expectation --Social Studies: -2.16 Students observe, analyze, and interpret human behaviors, social groupings, and institutions to better understand people and the relationships among individuals and among groups.

Program of Studies: SS-8-CS-U-3 Students will understand that interactions among individuals and groups assume various forms (e.g., compromise, cooperation, conflict, competition) and are influenced by culture.

Core Content – Social Studies: -SS-08-2.3.1 Students will explain how conflict and competition (e.g., political, economic, religious, ethnic) occurred among individuals and groups in the U.S. prior to Reconstruction. DOK 2

Academic Expectation –Social Studies: -2.20 Students understand, analyze, and interpret historical events, conditions, trends, and issues to develop historical perspective.

Program of Studies: SS-8-HP-U-2 Students will understand that U.S. History can be analyzed by examining significant eras (…Civil War) to develop chronological understanding and recognize cause-and-effect relationships and multiple causation.

Core Content--Social Studies: -SS-08-5.2.4 Political, social, economic, and cultural differences (e.g., slavery, tariffs, industrialism vs. agrarianism, federal vs. states' rights) among sections of the U.S. resulted in the American Civil War. DOK 3

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