Lesson Plan Four Procedures

A. Students need: click on each link for files

B. Review:

  1. You may have heard of pioneers and frontiersmen like Daniel Boone, Simon Kenton, or James Harrod, but have you ever heard the names Mary Draper Ingles, Jenny Wiley, or Jane Todd Crawford? And when you study famous Kentuckians like Abraham Lincoln and talk about his humble beginnings on the frontier, do you ever discuss the contributions of his mother Nancy Hanks Lincoln? (Pass out “Women on Frontier Stories" handout and “Who am I?” worksheet.)
  2. Women played a very important role on the Kentucky frontier and today we’ll talk about some of the problems on the frontier and the solutions that the ladies on the frontier offered.
  3. Today when we have a stomach ache or a cut we go to drug store and grab some medicine to cure our ailments. When Abraham Lincoln was a boy, medicines were not readily available and your surroundings often acted as a pharmacy. Nancy Hanks Lincoln would have known about herbal remedies and also about the different plants that made a specific dye, tea, or pot herb. We will identify several plants that could have been found in the field of the Lincoln farm. Futher research will identify how Nancy Lincoln would have used them. (Pass out “Plants on the Frontier” handout, “Plants on the Frontier: Story and Song” handout and “Plants on the Frontier” worksheet)

C. Lesson Expectations:

Deliver the Objectives:

  1. You will be able to explain methods used by frontier women to survive using only the environment surrounding them.
  2. You will be able to identify several Kentucky women on the frontier and their contributions to American history.

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