Lesson Plan Four Curriculum Standards

*This lesson plan/program aligns with the Kentucky Department of Education’s Core Content for Social Studies Assessment, Middle School Version 4.1.

SS-08-5.1.1 Students will use a variety of tools (e.g., primary and secondary sources) to describe and explain historical events and conditions and to analyze the perspectives of different individuals and groups (e.g., gender, race, region, ethnic group, age, economic status, religion, political group) in U.S. history prior to Reconstruction.

SS-08-5.1.2 Students will explain how history is a series of connected events shaped by multiple cause-and-effect relationships and give examples of those relationships.

SS-08-5.2.3 Students will explain how the growth of democracy and geographic expansion occurred and were significant to the development of the United States prior to Reconstruction.

Through this program, students will not only be able to understand but to experience life on the frontier. Students will understand the life and thoughts of frontier women through their daily activities (SS-0805.1.1). Students will also be able to explain how the role of women on the frontier was not only an effect of traditional gender roles but of necessity (SS-08-5.1.2). Furthermore, students will be able to place the role of frontier women into the larger picture of westward expansion and the growth of democracy into the frontier (SS-08-5.2.3).

Last updated: April 14, 2015

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