Great Miami River Watershed Water Trail

Managed By

Miami Conservancy District

Trail Overview

The Great Miami River Watershed Water Trail is located in southwest Ohio and includes 291 miles of paddling, fishing, and wildlife watching opportunities including three beautiful rivers and many smaller tributaries. The Great Miami River Watershed drains more than 4,000 square miles in all or parts of 15 counties. The major rivers include the Great Miami, Stillwater, and Mad rivers. All three rivers are Ohiodesignated Water Trails and the Stillwater River and Greenville Creek are Ohiodesignated Scenic Rivers. Originating just upstream from Indian Lake, a major recreation destination for boaters, campers, and fishermen; the Great Miami River then flows 156 miles southwest to its confluence with the Ohio River west of Cincinnati. The Mad River flows southwest for 65 miles while the Stillwater River flows southeast for 45 miles and they both join the Great Miami River in Dayton. Major tributaries with public access sites include the Buck Creek, which offers a kayaking whitewater park, the Greenville Creek, which is designated as a state scenic river, and the Twin Creek, which is the third healthiest stream in Ohio. Collectively, there are 117 public access sites along these rivers and streams. They offer a range of options for handcarried boats, motorized boats, fishing, and wildlife watching. The Buck Creek includes a whitewater park, the Mad River as a whitewater feature, and several more are planned for the Great Miami and Mad rivers.


Trail Length:

291 miles

Trail Location

Southwest Ohio

Open Dates


Hours of Operation

Open 24 hrs

Trail Mission Statement

Through community partnerships, the Great Miami River Watershed Water Trail connects communities and people to the Great Miami River and its tributaries, offers public access for recreation, promotes wise stewardship of resources, provides accurate information on safety and access, and supports the health of local waterways and surrounding lands.

Uses and Activities

  • Boating, motorized
  • Boating, nonmotorized: Canoeing
  • Boating, nonmotorized: Kayaking
  • Boating, nonmotorized: Rafting
  • Boating, nonmotorized: Tubing
  • Camping
  • Fishing
  • Heritage and History
  • Swimming: Wading
  • Wildlife Observation

Water Trail & Surrounding Surfaces

  • Water, rapids
  • Water, moderate moving
  • Water, slow moving
  • Water, still
  • Grass or vegetation
  • Rock, boulders
  • Snow or ice

More Information

Visit the Great Miami River Watershed Water Trail website.

Best Management Practices

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