Willamette River Water Trail

Managed By

Willamette Riverkeeper

Trail Overview

The Willamette River Water Trail flows through rural and urban landscapes, providing scenic, cultural, educational, and recreational opportunities. Seventy percent of Oregon residents live in the River valley.

Trail Length:

217 Miles

Trail Location

The Willamette River Water Trail extends as far south as Creswell, OR and as far north as St Helens, OR.

Open Dates


Hours of Operation

24 hours

Trail Mission Statement

Connecting communities and visitors to Oregon’s celebrated Willamette River; an accessible adventure in the heart of the Pacific Northwest.

Uses and Activities

  • Boating, motorized
  • Boating, nonmotorized: Canoeing
  • Boating, nonmotorized: Kayaking
  • Boating, nonmotorized: Rafting
  • Boating, nonmotorized: Sailing
  • Boating, nonmotorized: Tubing
  • Camping
  • Fishing
  • Heritage and History
  • Swimming
  • Swimming: Diving/Snorkeling
  • Swimming: Wading
  • Wildlife Observation

Water Trail & Surrounding Surfaces

  • Water, moderate moving
  • Grass or vegetation
  • Rock, smooth
  • Sand
  • Soil

More Information

Visit the Willamette River Water Trail website.

Best Management Practices

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