Bronx River Blueway

Managed By

City of New York Parks and Recreation and the Bronx River Alliance

Trail Overview

The Bronx River Blueway passes directly through the New York Botanical gardens, the Bronx River Forest, cityscapes, and the Bronx Zoo and offers a variety of recreational and cultural opportunities and events.

Trail Length:

8 Miles

Trail Location

The Bronx River Blueway extends from Shoelace Park near 219th Street to Soundview Park at the estuary to Long Island Sound.

Open Dates


Hours of Operation

24 hours

Trail Mission Statement

The Bronx River Blueway aims to introduce community and interested groups to the River and to the developing Bronx River Greenway through canoeing, kayaking, bicycling, program, and project opportunities in and along the river corridor.

Uses and Activities

  • Boating, nonmotorized: Canoeing
  • Boating, nonmotorized: Kayaking

Water Trail & Surrounding Surfaces

  • Water, moderate moving

More Information

Visit the Bronx River Blueway website.

Best Management Practices

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