Best Management Practice Category: Recreation Opportunities


The water trail route has established public access points that accommodate a diversity of trip lengths and provide access to a variety of opportunities for recreation and education.

Launches and Access Sites

Prepare to Launch! Guidelines for Assessing, Designing, and Building Launch Sites for Carry-in Watercraft is a resource designed to help river and water trail managers and park planners build ‘put-in and take out’ sites as they address the evolving needs of paddlers and other users.




A two-page summary of key questions and examples when addressing the Recreation Best Management Practices.


How well the water trail connects with other water trails, land recreation networks, and public transportation networks including sidewalks, bike trails, bus routes, etc.

Bronx River Blueway NRT Map

Map of Access points along the water trail showing street grid.

Online Interactive Map

The Mississippi National River and Recreation Area has created an online interactive map to integrate the water trail into the regional transportation networks. The map shows bikeshare stations, bike routes, bus stops, rail stations, and streets.

Recreation Info and Facilities

Information about recreation opportunities and existing facilities.

Seaside Water Trail

Feasibility of Camping Platforms: An excellent assessment of the environmental impacts of facilitating visitor camping, and how to potentially minimize those impacts.

Self-Serve Canoe System

Sunfish Lake Park in Ramsey, MN has a free self-serve canoe rental system with a swipe-card so registered users can check out boats.

Access, Routes, and Maps

Access, Routes, and Maps in the NWTS toolbox

To find information and documents pertaining to access, routes, and maps, see the Public Information section of the toolbox.