Best Management Practice Category: Public Information


The public is provided with accessible and understandable water trail information, including details for identifying access and trail routes; cultural, historic, and natural features; hazards; and water quality. The water trail is promoted to the community and broad national audience.


A two-page summary of key questions and examples when addressing the Public Information Best Management Practices.

Access, Routes, and Maps

Willamette Water Trail Map

The Willamette has a waterproof, bound map and an online map with details showing access and features along the 216-mile water trail. Willamette Water Trail

Northern Forest Canoe Trail Online Map

An interactive online map series re-designed in 2017 to aid in trip planning.


Bronx River Blueway Map

A well-designed map that clearly shows access points, amenities, and detailed maps of portages.

Missouri River Water Trail Print Map

A map of the Missouri River National Recreational River Water Trail designed for print publication and display.

Kiosk Sign- Kansas River WT

A kiosk sign for St. George including a water trail map.

Chattahoochee River Map and Information

A map, river information, and a river guide for the Chattahoochee River.

Guidebook for the Waccamaw Blue Trail

A 30-page guidebook for the Waccamaw Blue Trail.

Kitsap Peninsula Water Trail Map

A graphically-pleasing map of the Kitsap Peninsula Water Trail.

French Broad River Index Map

An example of an index map showing the extents of more detailed maps.

Tillamook County Water Trail Guidebook

A 13-page guidebook for the Tillamook County Water Trail in Oregon.

Blueways of St. Clair Brochure

Brochure that uses satellite imagery as a backdrop and includes the Island Loop route.

Willimantic River WT Paddle Guide

A 14-page paddle guide put out on the Willimantic River.

Online Interactive Map

The Mississippi National River and Recreation Area has created an online interactive map to integrate the water trail into the regional transportation networks. The map shows bikeshare stations, bike routes, bus stops, rail stations, and streets.

Mississippi River Companion

The Mississippi River Companion is an excellent resource for finding rental bikes and mass transit options, biking and walking trails, boat landings, and many other recreational opportunities along one of the world's great rivers. Maps in the Companion cover a 72 mile stretch of the Mississippi and Minnesota Rivers within the Mississippi National River and Recreation Area.


Newspaper articles and other publicity

Waccamaw River Blue Trail Newspaper Article

Waccamaw River Blue Trail Newspaper Article
An article about the Waccamaw River Blue Trail.

Blue Watershed News

Island Loop's Blue Watershed Newsletter, a publication of the St. Clair County watershed program.

Press Release- River Tourism Summit

A press release/article about the River Tourism Summit, which was held at the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area.

Brochures/ Fact Sheets

Brochures and Fact Sheets about the water trail

Alabama Scenic River Trail Fact Sheet

An example of a one-page fact sheet on the Alabama Scenic River Trail.

Blueways of St. Clair Co. Brochure

Blueways of St. Clair Co. Brochure
Blueways of St. Clair County Brochure for the Island Loop water trail. Includes one file for the brochure cover and another for the inside.

Lost Towns Brochure

Brochure with historic information about the lost towns under Lake Red Rock on the Red Rock Water Trail.

Water Trail Brochure

A two-page brochure about the Red Rock Water Trail.

Brochure/Map of Petaluma Water Ways

A brochure/map of Petaluma Water Ways.

Alsea River Water Trail Tri-fold Brochure

A tri-fold brochure for the Alsea River Water Trail.

Safety, Hazards and Water Quality

Items pertaining to safety, hazards, and water quality.

Buford Dam Flow website

Buford Dam flow website for Chattahoochee.

Chattahoochee Bacteria

The Chattahoochee water trail provides flow and water quality information through model partnerships with the USGS, the upper Chattahoochee Riverkeeper, and the Army Corps of Engineers.

St. Clair Co. Bathing Beach Report 2012

The Bathing Beach Report for 2012 from the St. Clair County Division of Environmental Health for the Island Loop Water Trail.

Pre-trip Reminders

Boating Pre-trip Reminders from the River Management Society.

Events & Festivals

Events and festivals put on by the water trail and partners.

Events & Festivals in the NWTS toolbox

For information about events and festivals, see the Education section of the NWT Toolbox.