Best Management Practice Category: Community Support


Local communities provide support and advocacy for the maintenance and stewardship of the water trail.


A two-page summary of key questions and examples when addressing the Community Support Best Management Practices.

Surveys and Public Opinion

Surveys and studies of public opinions of water trails.

Pre-Program Survey

Riverside Kayak Connections created a pre-program survey that asked participants about demographic information and previous paddling experience.

Post-Program Survey

Riverside Kayak Connections created a web-based post-program survey that asked participants about the program they participated in earlier in the year, general paddling experience, and demographic information.

Sea Kayak Survey in Minnesota

Sea Kayak Survey in Minnesota: This report examined sea kayak use along the north shore of Lake Superior, interest in and barriers to sea kayak use and kayak-camping in this area, and characteristics of sea kayak owners. The Minnesota Dept. of Natural Resources wanted information about use before it provided additional amenities and maps for the Lake Superior Water Trail.

Economic Impact Studies

Studies of the economic impacts of water trails.

Economic Impact of the Chattahoochee Blueway

A 2012 study on the economic impacts of the proposed Chattahoochee Valley Blueway.

2012 Pennsylvania WT Economic Impact Study

This study consisted of four case studies of Pennsylvania's water trails. The goals of the study were to increase knowledge of the economic impacts of expenditures by water trail visitors and of the water trails on the state economy.

Northern Forest Canoe Trail Economic Impact Study

2007 economic impact study completed by the Northern Forest Canoe Trail.

Making an Economic Argument for Water Trails

A 2015 review of studies conducted to measure the economic impact of water trails. This review was performed by the River Management Society.


Memorandum of Understanding

The Willamette River Water Trail has a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that formalizes partnership relationships in order to accomplish mutually-held goals.

NFCT Kiosk Maintenance Agreement

The Northern Forest Canoe trail has a kiosk maintenance agreement with a partner organization.

Adopt-A-Platform Group Contract

The Roanoke River Partners have an adopt-a-platform group contract for adoption groups.

Adopt-A-Landing Agreement

The Waccamaw River Blue Trail's blank Adopt-A-Landing form

NFCT Adopt a Segment

The Northern Forest Canoe Trail has a Trail Adopter Program.

Landowner Relationships

Landowner relationship examples.

Landowner Permission Form For River Access

A landowner permission form for river access with blanks to fill in with appropriate information.

Study of Landowner Attitudes

This 2010 study assessed landowner attitudes along the Luling Paddle Trail in central Texas before and after the paddle trail opened.


Funding mechanisms to raise money for the water trail.

Mississippi River Challenge- Paddle It Protect It

The Mississippi National Recreation River works with the Friends of the Mississippi River to host an annual Mississippi River Challenge, an event to raise money for a cleaner, healthier river.