NWTS Toolboxes

Best Management Practices (BMP) toolbox

Welcome to the Best Management Practices Toolbox, we hope you explore the array of tools for water trail managers and suggest your own ideas for additions by contacting us. The goal of this toolbox is to share knowledge and best practices among water trail managers, whether you are working on new or well-established water trails.

The National Water Trails System represents the best water trails from across the country and we believe by sharing the national network of best practices the system provides, everyone can find resources to help improve their own recreation and conservation practices. The seven elements of a successful and sustainable water trail are considered best management practices for the National Water Trails System. The toolbox delves into each of these topics in more detail to provide examples, images, plans, and other information.

If you find a BMP example to be particularly applicable or useful for your water trail, you may also gather additional information by visiting the trail’s individual page on our website.