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Coso Rock Art
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The Coso Rock Art District, a National Historic Landmark deep in the U.S. Navy's testing station at China Lake, contains one of America's most impressive petroglyphic and archeological complexes. The 20,000 images already documented surpass in number most other collections, and the archeological resources are remarkably undisturbed.

Coso rock art has become famous for its stylized representational symbolic system, a system that has intrigued—and baffled—archeologists and lay observers for decades.

Recent research at this California desert District has begun to illuminate the long history of the people here and the meanings they inscribed in stone. It also underscores the value of America's endangered cultural resources. explore >>



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The Bancroft Library's Online Archive of California, University of California, Berkeley
John Blaustein, John Blaustein Photography < www.johnblaustein.com >
Per Bothner and Nathan Williams
The Denver Public Library's Western History Collection
Jelmer W. Eerkens, Ph.D.
Far Western Anthropological Research Group, Inc.
Chick Hebert, Ph.D.
TOMOL Archive of Digital Images, University of California, Santa Cruz
United States Geological Survey

Background Photographs
* Coso landscape and Shoshone basket maker, The Bancroft Library's Online Archive of California, University of California, Berkeley
* Little Petroglyph Canyon, giant bighorn petroglyphs, and Coso petroglyph (this page), TOMOL Archive of Digital Images, University of California, Santa Cruz
* Recording archeological site, Recording rock art, and Sheep cult petroglyphs, Far Western Anthropological Research Group, Inc.
* Owens Valley tablelands petroglyphs, © Jelmer W. Eerkens, Ph.D.
* F-22, U.S. Navy
* Petroglyph National Monument, © Per Bothner and Nathan Williams

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