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Mouse eating through a basket.

Mouse eating through a basket. Photo courtesy of the Rocky Mountain Conservation Center, Denver, CO.

Content Development
S. Terry Childs - Archeology Program (formerly Archeology and Ethnography Program), NPS
Eileen P. Corcoran - National Council for Preservation Education intern

This site may be cited as:
Childs, S. Terry and Eileen Corcoran
2000   Managing Archeological Collections: Technical Assistance (http://www.nps.gov/archeology/collections/). Washington, DC.: Archeology and Ethnography Program, National Park Service.

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Vincent Reedy - formerly Cultural Resources Web, NPS
Terry Childs, Eileen P. Corcoran, and Matthew J. Burns - AP, NPS

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Matthew J. Burns - NCSHPO

Photographs courtesy of:

  • Alexandria Archaeology, Alexandria, VA (special thanks to Barbara Magid)
  • Anasazi Heritage Center, Dolores, CO (special thanks to Susan Thomas)
  • Art Conservation Center, University of Denver (formerly Rocky Mountain Conservation Center), Denver, CO (special thanks to Diane Danielson)
  • Jessica Johnson
  • Fort Vancouver National Historic Site, NPS
  • Library of Congress
  • Museum Management Program, NPS
  • The National Capital Region Regional Archeology Program, NPS
  • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, St. Louis District, MO (special thanks to Natalie Drew)
  • Western History/Genealogy Department, Denver Public Library

    Additional Thanks
    Funding for the course was provided by the Servicewide Training and Development Program Training Manager, Cultural Resources Stewardship Career Field, Stephen T. Mather Training Center, National Park Service.

    Additional support was provided by the Archeology and Ethnography Program, NPS.

    A number of colleagues provided very useful comments to earlier drafts of this online effort, including: Joan Bacharach, Alex Barker, Rae Beaubien, Ray Crook, Dick Drennan, Natalie Drew, Nick Eiteljorg, Gloria Fenner, Bobbie Ferguson, Eugene Futato, Michael Grimes, Jessica Johnson, Tony Knapp, Marc Kodack, Robert Leopold, Barbara Little, Bertram Mapunda, Frank McManamon, Connie Ramirez, Julian Richards, Lynne Sullivan, and, especially, Diane Vogt O'Connor.

    For additional information:
    Contact the NPS Chief Archeologist at nps_chiefarcheologist(at)nps.gov.