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Content Development

Karen Mudar and Karolyn Kinsey began compiling reports, questionnaires, data, and information that is presented on the “Secretary's Report to Congress” web pages. Mudar and Kinsey verified the 1985-2003 data in submissions by 30-40 agencies, and assembled numerical data in spreadsheets. They also prepared the table of data field comparability. Mudar verified the 2004-2008 data.

The data presented in the spreadsheets linked by the SRC web pages have been submitted by officials from over 30 Federal agencies on an annual basis since 1986.

The NPS Electronic Technical Information Center (ETIC) assisted by making pdf files of the previously published Secretary's reports. These reports, many of which are currently out of print, now are available through the NPS Archeology Program web site.


Matt Burns, Karen Mudar, and Francis P. McManamon

Web design and site management:

Matt Burns and Francis P. McManamon

The SRC quantitative data in the spreadsheets may be cited as:

Mudar, Karen and Karolyn Kinsey (editors)
2019 Quantitative Data from the Secretary's Report to Congress on Federal Archeology 1985-2013. Archeology Program, National Park Service, Washington, DC.

Additional Thanks

Michele Aubry and Terry Childs provided comments to earlier drafts of the text on these pages.

For Additional Information Contact:

Karen Mudar: Archeology Program, NPS
1849 C St, NW (2275)
Washington, DC 20240-0001
202-354-2103 (voice)
202-371-5102 (fax)