Frequently Asked Questions

Walking Paths and Trails
Automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles, skates, or other vehicles are prohibited on the sidewalks and foot trails.

Use extreme caution. There are no established bike paths within the memorial. A designated bike trail on Colington Road is available for cycling.

Big Kill Devil Hill
Navigating the slopes of Big Kill Devil Hill with wagons, snow or sand skis, sleds or other sliding devices is prohibited. Only pedestrian traffic along the maintained paths is allowed.

Radio-controlled Devices
Aircraft, cars, and other devices are prohibited in the park.

Model CO2 rockets and similar devices are prohibited in the park.

Pets are welcome at the park but must be on a six-foot leash. Pets are prohibited within any buildings.

Personal Comfort
Insect repellant, sunscreen, hat and jacket are often needed to protect oneself from the elements

For current weather conditions check

Metal Detectors
36 CFR 2.1(a)(7) prohibits use of metal detectors in all national parks.

36 CFR 2.38(b) prohibits the use or possession of fireworks in all national parks.

Speed Limit
Unless otherwise posted, the speed limit within the National Memorial is 25 mph.

First Flight Airstrip
Here are some answers about the airstrip located with the memorial.

  • Aircraft Parking
    Aircraft may freely park in the tie-down area for 24 consecutive hours or 48 total hours over any 30-day period.
  • Operating Hours
    The unattended airstrip is open 30 minutes before sunrise and closes 30 minutes after sunset.
  • Pilot Booth
    Access by using “Squawk VFR.”
  • Fuel
    There is no fuel. The closest airport with fuel is Dare County Regional Airport (MQI).

Did You Know?