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    Whitman Mission

    National Historic Site Washington


Canada goose with five goslings.

NPS collection

Whitman Mission is a place to raise a family for many bird species. It is also an important stop over for migrating birds. This makes Whitman Mission an excellent place to look for birds. More than 200 species of birds have been observed at the site. Species most commonly seen include ring-necked pheasants, red-winged black birds, robins, swallows, great blue herons, red-tailed hawks, mallards and Canada geese. more . . .

Did You Know?

Brass compass which belonged to Dr. Whitman

In the fall of 1842 Dr. Whitman decided to travel from Waiilatpu to Boston. He wanted to convince the board members to keep his mission station open. Dr. Whitman was in such a hurry when he left that he forgot his compass.