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    President's Park (White House)

    District of Columbia

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  • White House Fence Restoration and Sidewalk Closure

    The National Park Service is restoring the White House fence along Pennsylvania Avenue, portions of which are believed to date back to 1818. During this restoration work, sections of the White House sidewalk will be temporarily closed for public safety. More »

  • Construction Project Affecting the White House Sidewalk

    Due to a construction project, a portion of both the White House sidewalk and Pennsylvania Avenue near East Executive Avenue will be closed until April 2015.

1939 - 1940 Tree Lightings

The Ellipse

The site for the tree lighting tradition came full circle when the ceremony returned to the Ellipse in 1939. Each of these two years, live red cedar trees were transplanted from land near George Washington's home in Mount Vernon to the Ellipse. At the 1940 ceremony President Franklin D. Roosevelt prefaced his prepared remarks with an announcement that if it was desirable he and Mrs. Roosevelt would like the celebration moved to the South Lawn of the White House grounds next year remarking that such a shift in locale would make for a "more homey" celebration.

by C. L. Arbelbide
January 6, 2001

Did You Know?

Franklin D. Roosevelt, 32nd President: 1933-1945

Franklin D. Roosevelt is the only American president has been elected to four terms. FDR served only three terms and died 11 weeks, 4 days into his fourth term. After FDR Administration, the 22nd Amendment ratified in 1951, limited the presidential office to two terms.