Volunteer for a Special Event

Volunteer giving directions at a special event.

President's Park Volunteer.

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Help With a Special Event

President's Park hosts a number of large events throughout the year. We often look for volunteers to provide help to visitors in many different ways during these events:

  • White House Garden Tours (spring and fall)
  • White House Easter Egg Roll
  • National Christmas Tree Lighting
  • Presidential Inauguration
If you interested in volunteering at any of these events, please email the volunteer coordinator or call 202-208-1631.

The White House Spring Garden Tour
We are no longer accepting volunteer applications for the White House Spring Garden Tour. Please check back with us for opportunities this fall!

More Volunteer Opportunities
If you would like to volunteer on a regular basis, our ongoing volunteer needs are described on the Volunteer page. All volunteers must complete the volunteer application before beginning service.

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