The Heart of the Continent

Voyageurs National Park lies within the heart of the North American Continent.  Here you can see and touch rocks half as old as the world, experience the life of a voyageur, immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of a boreal forest, view the dark skies, or ply the interconnected water routes.

Leave your car behind and set out on the water highways of the North Woods.


Looking over docks at a campsite

Camping under the night sky

Listen to the water gently swoosh over the rocky shorelines, enjoy the peaceful sunrise and sunset and sit by a campfire relaxing.

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Making a Camping Reservation

Voyageurs National Park camping permits are available through Need assistance making those reservations? View this step by step guide.

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A rock outcrop on Sand Point Lake

A Story in the Rocks

Every story has a beginning. Voyageurs' story begins in the rocks.

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Historic print of the Voyageurs by Frances Anne Hopkins

Travelers of the North Woods

The waters provided the highway; the fur-bearing animals provided the goods; the North Woods provided the materials; the voyageurs provided the skill.

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Black Bay in the fall

Scenic Wonders

Voyageurs National Park lies in the Southern tip of the Northern Boreal Forest. The mix of hardwood and conifers create the inspiring scenic views.

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Common Loon

Watchable Wildlife

The Boreal Forest brings with it not only a diversity of tree and plant species but also a unique array of wildlife.

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Aerial view of Voyageurs National Park

Wandering Waterway

Flowing west and north to Lake of the Woods, Lake Winnipeg, and into Hudson Bay, this glacial-scoured basin became a long-distance travel corridor.

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Hike to Health trail program phamplets

Hike to Health

Time to get outside and enjoy the sights and sounds of Voyageurs National Park. Stop by a visitor center and start your journey today.

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Ghosts of Voyageurs

Ghosts of Voyageurs

Join Voyageurs National Park staff and immerse yourself with the voices of history in Ghost of Voyageurs.

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Did You Know?