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    National Park Minnesota


Lake Navigation

Voyageurs National Park is a water-based park. Learning how to navigate the lake is important if you are visiting by boat.

Boat Safety

A safe trip is a happy trip! Learn about some preventative measures you can take to ensure your boating safety.

Bears and Food Storage

A variety of wildlife call Voyageurs National Park home, so while you are visiting please remember that your food is for you only. Please use proper food storage techniques and help keep out wildlife, wild and safe.


The weather can change rapidly and severly at anytime of the year. Read about seasonal average temperatures as you plan your trip and check the immediate weather forecast a few days before you come.

Invasive Species Alert

To learn more about how to prevent the spread of invasive species, download and read our Exotic brochures.


Thinking of drinking lake water?

Always treat lake water before using it for drinking or cooking. Consider bringing water with you when camping in the park. Otherwise, use a high-quality water filter to remove potential contaminants.

Blue-Green Algae
The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) advises the public to approach lake areas with blue-green algae blooms with caution. During the right conditions these blooms can be toxic to pets and harmful to people. A blue-green algae bloom looks like pea soup should be avoided. For detailed information visit the MPCA website.

Did You Know?