• Trunk Bay Beach, considered one of the 10 best beaches in the world is home to the underwater trail.

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  • Mosquito Borne Disease

    There are two mosquito transmitted diseases (virus), Dengue, and Chikungunya Fever, now confirin in the Virgin Islands. For more information on the disease and it's prevention please take a look at this link. More »

Be A Junior Ranger



There is always something for both kids and adults to do together, while visiting Virgin Islands National Park. To help protect the natural and cultural resources of St. John, you are welcome to join the Junior Ranger program on St. John. Come along and join the fun!

NPS Ranger pins a Junior Ranger badge on a boy while his father helps


During your sightseeing, stop by the Visitor Center and pick up a Junior Ranger workbook. Workbook exercises include “interviews” with trees, word searches, games and a natural hike. At the end, return to the Visitor Center, show your workbook to a Ranger, who will award you with a Junior Ranger program certificate and badge; congratulations!


Did You Know?

Wasps, locally called Jack Spaniard in their nest.

A wasp common to St. John is called the Jack Spaniard. These paper wasps are not aggressive, but will sting you repeatedly if disturbed. The sting can be quite painful, and should be treated with common sting relief remedies. The discomfort can last three days.