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    Vanderbilt Mansion

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Preserving Vanderbilt Mansion National Historic Site is the mission of the National Park Service. Since acquiring the property in 1940, the park's team of resource managers, curators, conservators, techinicians, historians and consultants work year-round to preserve and restore the landscape, gardens, historic structures, interiors and museum collections. Today, ongoing research and advances in technology guide the park's efforts to restore and preserve this place for the future.

Preservation at Vanderbilt Mansion National Historic Site is managed under three departments - the Facility Maintenance Division, the Natural Resource Division, and the Museum Services Division. Park staff routinely monitors resource conditions, identifies preservation needs, and oversees preservation work undertaken by park employees and contractors. Together, the professional staff works to ensure that visitors to Vanderbilt Mansion National Historic Site experience the property much as it was during the Vanderbilt's ownership.

Did You Know?

Frederick William Vanderbilt

Frederick Vanderbilt was the first Vanderbilt to graduate from College. He graduated from the Sheffield Scientific School at Yale University in 1878.