Park Partners

More About Our Partners

Roosevelt-Vanderbilt Historical Association (RVHA)

A not-for-profit Cooperating Association based in Hyde Park established to support the historic sites’ programs and projects through the sales of interpretive and educational materials. It operates bookstores at Vanderbilt Mansion and Eleanor Roosevelt NHSites.

Frederick W. Vanderbilt Garden Association, Inc.

A local not-for-profit organization of volunteers founded in 1984 to restore and maintain the three-acre Italian gardens at the Vanderbilt Mansion.

Hudson River Valley National Heritage Area

Established in 1996, its scope is the entire river valley from Waterford to New York City. The heritage area is managed by the NY State Greenway. Headquarters are in Albany.

Beatrix Farrand Garden Association

Regional organization of volunteers formed in 1994 to restore and maintain the gardens at Bellefield. Beatrix Farrand, who designed the gardens in 1912, was one of the nation’s finest landscape architects. Bellefield is the administrative headquarters for Roosevelt-Vanderbilt NHS and is located adjacent to the home of FDR.

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