• A storm gathers behind the pueblo at Tuzigoot


    National Monument Arizona

Things To Do

The Citadel of Tuzugoot

The view of the Citadel from the southern most point of the Tuzigoot Trail gives a great deal of perspective on the sheer size of the pueblo.

Visit Tuzigoot National Monument and witness the incredible legacy of a people who live in the Verde Valley 1,000 years ago.

Set aside a few hours to explore the museum, which was reopened in June 2011. Then roam the trails through the Tuzigoot pueblo and Tavasci Marsh. Spend time with a ranger and learn about the Sinagua and the lives they led in the Verde Valley. Attend the daily ranger program at 10:00am, or check the Calendar for a special event.

Become a Junior Ranger regardless of your age!

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