• Sunlight illuminates the top of historic Mission San José de Tumacácori church.


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  • Anza Trail Impassable in Areas

    Due to a large flood event, sections of the Anza Trail between the mission grounds and Tubac are impassable to both hikers and horses. Visitors may use the trail north to the first river crossing, but travel beyond that point is not recommended.

  • Pet Policy

    In compliance with the Code of Federal Regulations and Superintendent's Compendium, Tumacácori prohibits pets from all government buildings and the mission grounds. More »

Santa Rosa de Corodéguachi - Alias Fronteras

Santa Rosa de Corodéguachi - alias Fronteras
1767 map of Fronteras (Santa Rosa de Corodéguachi) by José de Urrutia
The legend says: Plan of the Presidio of Fronteras, dependent upon the government of Sonora and located at 31 degrees and 17 minutes of latitude north, and 253 degrees and 24 minutes of longitude from the Tenerife meridian. Explanation: A.Captain's house; B.Guardhouse; C.Church: D. First Plaza; E. Second Plaza; F. Mill. Note: All of these buildings are made of adobes. Scale: two hundred fathoms. Joseph de Urrutia
The map shows two roads to Cuquiárachi and one each to Guchuta and Janos. It also shows the “Irrigation ditches for irrigating.”
Courtesy British Library
Fronteras, Sonora

Fronteras, Sonora. The ruins of the Spanish Presidio Santa Rosa de Corodéguachi lie at the point of the hill in the upper right hand corner of this photograph.

The ruins of the Presidio of Santa Rosa de Corodéguachi, commonly called "Fronteras" can be visited today by crossing the international border at Douglas, Arizona / Agua Prieta, Sonora and proceeding south to the town of Fronteras. The ruins are at the point of the hill on the west side of town past the town hall.

Did You Know?

Anza Expedition camp

Captain Juan Bautista de Anza of Tubac led over 300 people from here to the San Francisco Bay in 1775-76 to establish a Spanish colony and presidio there.