• Sunlight illuminates the top of historic Mission San José de Tumacácori church.


    National Historical Park Arizona

Jacobo Sedelmayr

San Pedro y San Pablo de Tubutama


Padre Sedelmayr first came to Tubutama in 1736. He made a number of exploratory entradas to the north and withstood the siege with Padre Nentvig at the church in Tubutama during the Pima revolt of 1751. He escaped to Santa Ana but soon returned to Tubutama. He was at Guevavi from 1752 until the end of 1754. He was briefly at Huasabas in 1755 but was transferred to Tecoripa about 1756, where he stayed until 1763. He was then asigned to Mátape where he continued until the expulsion. He died at the aldea de Avila, Spain.

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Did You Know?

Mountains above Rancho Arizona

Arizona takes its name from a ranch of the same name, meaning "the good oak tree" in Basque, established by Bernardo de Urrea in 1735 in the rugged, mountain country about forty miles southwest of Tumacácori.