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    Trail Of Tears

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Research about the Trail of Tears events and routes is on-going. The National Park Service works cooperatively with scholars, site managers, and others to learn more about trail-related stories and sites. A primary way in which the National Park Service stimulates trail scholarship is through the Challenge Cost Share Program. Since 2000, the agency has worked with more than 30 partners - the Trail of Tears Association, universities, museums, historical societies, and other nonprofit entities - on Trail of Tears projects. Many of these projects have brought forth new historical trail information. New trail segments have been identified, several buildings have been identified as being thematically related to the Trail of Tears migrations, several roadside interpretive waysides have been erected, and a number of new museum exhibits have been developed and are now on display.


If you have an idea on a project that can add new historical information or challenge existing notions about the trail, contact the National Trails Intermountain Region staff. Please use the Contact Us link in the left-hand navigation.

For those who would like to undertake additional research about the Trail of Tears, many sources are available. Historians can access a sizable number of diaries, journals, and secondary sources on the subject. Some of these are noted on the bibliography. Those interested in further research may wish to consider the following facilities:

Before visiting any of these facilities, please contact the archival staff regarding the purpose of your visit and the nature of the records that you want to investigate.

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