Canyon treefrog

Canyon Treefrog

NPS Photo

Of all the creatures that call the Sonoran Desert home, probably none are more unexpected than amphibians. They have several adaptations that would seem to make desert life impossible – they lay their eggs in water, the young must live in water, and their skin is especially susceptible to drying out in an arid environment.

Because of this, amphibians spend most of the year underground, in burrows that they or other animals have dug. They are most likely to be seen after summer rains around temporary or permanent sources of water as they race to feed and reproduce.

Tonto National Monument is home to six amphibian species - Colorado River Toad, Great Plains Toad, Red-spotted Toad, Woodhouse's Toad, Couch's Spadefoot, and Canyon Treefrog. For more information about these fascinating creatures, click on the links.

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