In Honor of a President

When Theodore Roosevelt came to Dakota Territory to hunt bison in 1883, he was a skinny, young, spectacled dude from New York. He could not have imagined how his adventure in this remote and unfamiliar place would forever alter the course of the nation. The rugged landscape and strenuous life that TR experienced here would help shape a conservation policy that we still benefit from today.


Oil well just outside the park boundary

The Boom Around the Park

The Bakken oil boom surrounds the park. Learn how the boom is impacting park resources.

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Wildlife Viewing

Many watchable wildlife species inhabit Theodore Roosevelt National Park including bison, elk, prairie dogs, and quite a few more.

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An eroded hillside of rock and clay

Discover the North Dakota Badlands

Roosevelt said the Badlands were "so fantastically broken in form and so bizarre in color as to seem hardly properly to belong to this earth."

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Social Media

Stay in Touch

Theodore Roosevelt National Park is experimenting with new ways to bring the park experience to visitors. We are currently on Twitter and Facebook

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