• Theodore Roosevelt National Park

    Theodore Roosevelt

    National Park North Dakota


Three campgrounds are available in Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

  • Cottonwood Campground - South Unit. Open year-round. (NO RESERVATIONS ACCEPTED)
  • Juniper Campground - North Unit. Open year-round. (NO RESERVATIONS ACCEPTED)
  • Roundup Group Horse Campground - South Unit. For groups 7-20 with horses or 7-30 without horses. Open seasonally. Special regulations apply.
  • Group Sites - There are two group sites in Theodore Roosevelt National Park; Cottonwood and Juniper campgrounds each have one. These sites are the ONLY sites available by reservation. For Cottonwood Group Reservation please call 701-623-4730. For Juniper Group Reservations please call 701-842-6828.

General Information
Juniper Campground and Cottonwood Campground accommodate tents, trailers and recreational vehicles. No hook-ups are available. Individual sites are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Checkout time is 12:00 noon. A reservable group campsite is also available in both Juniper and Cottonwood Campgrounds. See campground pages for details and reservation information.

The Roundup Group Horse Campground, located in the South Unit, is a site that can accommodate one group at a time. Horses are permitted at this campground. Maximum group size is 20 people with up to 20 horses or 30 people without horses. Minimum group size is 6 people. Groups are limited to 5 nights per calendar year. Reservations are required, and are filled by an application process - see details.

Camping Regulations are posted in each campground. Regulations are posted online for reference.


Fees are collected for camping. Individual sites are $10 per night, and $5 per night. During the off-season, camping is half price. Senior Pass or Access Pass holders receive an additional 50% discount.

Group sites
$2 per person per night, with a $20 minimum, whichever is higher.

Roundup Group Horse Campground
$2 per person per night, with a $20 minimum, whichever is higher. Additionally, there is a $1 per day per horse charge.

Failure to comply with fee collection and other regulations is a violation of federal law.

Backcountry Camping
Visitors interested in backcountry camping must obtain a free permit from one of the park visitor centers. More on Backcountry Camping.

Did You Know?