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Worker rebuilds walkway on Liberty Island in preparation for the reopening of the Statue of Liberty on July 4, 2013.

NPS photo by Kevin Daley.

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The walkway after Hurricane Sandy.

The walkway after Hurricane Sandy.



Liberty Island a few days after the Hurricane Sandy

another north dock image.JPG
another view of damaged visitor dock.JPG
damage to wayside.jpg
dock damage with john hnedak.jpg
ferry dock damage.jpg
piles of wind strewn pavers fence is from renovation.jpg
wind strewn pavers.jpg
wingwalk and concessions area damaged.JPG
wingwalk from dock.jpg

Liberty Island: Recent Repairs

another north dock view.JPG
entranceway with new bricks.JPG
new pavers around liberty.JPG
north dock.JPG
temp dock on south side of island.JPG
temp south dock.JPG
view from near the entrance dock.JPG
walk way with new pavers.JPG

Statue of Liberty's Pedestal before 2012 Renovation

digging new exit 2.JPG
old torch encased for protection.JPG

Statue of Liberty's Pedestal after 2012 Renovation

interior steps 1.JPG
interior steps 2.JPG
interior steps 3.jpg
interior steps 4.JPG
new elevator.JPG
new exit 1.JPG
new exit 2.JPG
new exit 3.JPG
steps to new elevator.JPG
torch exhibit.jpg

July 4, 2009 Crown Re-Opening

city lights youth chorus.JPG
essay winners in crown.JPG
first group in crown.jpg
first in crown.jpg
ken burns.jpg
marriage proposal in crown.jpg
nj gov. corzine in crown.JPG
sec of interior ken salazar.jpg
sect. salazar with gma crew.JPG
service people taking citizenship oath.JPG

July 4, 2011 Statue of Liberty's 125th Anniversary

3- nps director jarvis and superintendent luchsinger.jpg
19- sigourney weaver recites poem the new colossus.jpg
33- new citizens celebrating.JPG
37- pledge of allegiance.jpg
55- statue cake and rangers.jpg
63- macy's fireworks.jpg
cannon salute.jpg
new citizens.jpg
sect of interior salazar.JPG
service members sworn in.JPG


Video Clips

The video clips below are .MTS files, a high definition video format. When possible, we offer them in .WMV format (for Windows Media Player) as well.

Freedom Tower zoom out from Crown (15s) - crown l.MTS or Crown1.wmv
Freedom Tower zoom in from Crown (30s) - crown 2.MTS or Crown2.wmv
Freedom Tower zoom in from Crown (25s) - crown 3.MTS
Inside Crown pan from R to L along windows (25s) - crown 4.MTS or Crown4.wmv
Inside crown pan from L to R along windows (19s) - crown 5.MTS or Crown5.wmv
Statue Cruises Ferry zoom out to inside crown (9s) - crown 6.MTS or Crown6.wmv
Verrazano Narrows Bridge zoom out to inside crown (14s) - crown 7.MTS or Crown7.wmv
Zoom in to Verrazano Narrows Bridge from inside crown (13s) - crown 8.MTS or Crown8.wmv
Verrazano Narrows Bridge zoom out to inside crown (27s) - crown 9.MTS or Crown9.wmv
Near-still of the stairs in the crown (1s) - crown 10.MTS or Crown10.wmv
Pan from middle of the crown of harbor and inside of crown (18s) - crown 12.MTS or Crown12.wmv
Front of Statue pan from ground to top (19s) - exterior statue from ground l.MTS
Front of Statue pan from pedestal to top (14s) - exterior statue from ground 2.MTS or exterior_statue_from_ground2.wmv
Statue's face; zoom out to entire statue (15s) - exterior statue from ground 3.MTS or exterior_statue_from_ground3.wmv
Zoomed-in pan of pedestal to top of statue (24s) - exterior statue from ground 4.MTS or exterior_statue_from_ground4.wmv
View of front of Statue; pan R to dock and skyline (13s) - exterior statue from ground 5.MTS or exterior_statue_from_ground5.wmv
Pan from ground to top of Statue (8s) - exterior statue from ground 6.MTS or exterior_statue_from_ground6.wmv
Zoom in & out of part of her robe (5s) - exterior statue from pedestal l.MTS
Brief still on part of robe then zoom out (16s) - exterior statue from pedestal 2.MTS or ext statue pedestal2.wmv
Brief still of interior of pedestal; person descending stairs (22s) - interior pedestal l.MTS or interior_pedestal2.wmv
Brief still of interior of pedestal; person ascending stairs (18s) - interior pedestal 3.MTS or interior_pedestal3.wmv
Liberty Island from boat-S to N (3m19s) - liberty island from the water.MTS or liberty_island_from_the_water.wmv
Looking up at spiral stairs w/ a pan down (12s) - spiral stair l.MTS
Looking up at spiral stairs w/ a pan up (10s) - spiral stair 2.MTS or spiral2.wmv
Looking up at spiral stairs w/ a zoom out (9s) - spiral stair 3.MTS
Original torch inside lobby w/a zoom in (9s) - torch in lobby 1.MTS or torch_in_lobby1.wmv
Zoom out from the flame of the original torch (4s) - torch in lobby 2.MTS or torch_in_lobby2.wmv

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