• An engineer inspects the running gear of a steam locomotive at Steamtown NHS


    National Historic Site Pennsylvania

Steamtown's Locomotives and Cars

Steam locomotive pulls a flatcar and caboose.

The Delaware, Lackawanna & Western caboose #889 is part of the park's historical collection and is also used for some programs, such as the Caboose Experience train ride.

NPS Photo

Most of Steamtown's collection of steam locomotives, diesel-electric locomotives, passenger cars, freight cars and maintenance-of-way equipment is on display (though it has not all been restored). Here, you may find information about the historic pieces in the Steamtown collection. (Most of the information is in Adobe PDF format)

Passenger Cars:

Freight Cars:


The National Park Service also published a Special History Study of the locomotives at Steamtown NHS. The publication, "Steam Over Scranton: The Locomotive of Steamtown," was written by Gordon Chappell and published in 1991. While some of the equipment in that 1991 study is no longer in the Steamtown NHS collection (deaccessioned to other museums), you may find the data related to your research.
NOTE: The publication is out-of-print, and hard (print) copies are not available.

Maintenance of Way:

Did You Know?

A steam locomotive exits a tunnel and rolls past fall colors on one of Steamtown's long train rides.

Railroads are built with as few hills and curves as possible. If a railroad cannot go over or around a hill, a tunnel is constructed through the hill. Some of Steamtown National Historic Site's train rides travel through the Nay Aug Tunnel in Scranton, Pennsylvania. More...