• An engineer inspects the running gear of a steam locomotive at Steamtown NHS


    National Historic Site Pennsylvania

Outdoor Activities

Visitors observe CP #2317 on the turntable

CP #2317, built in 1923, is turned on the turntable at Steamtown NHS.  A steam locomotive must be greased, oiled and inspected at least daily (sometimes more) and this and other light-duty work is done inside the Roundhouse.  The turntable provides access to the individual Roundhouse service stalls.

NPS Photo

Steamtown NHS occupies about 40 acres of the former Scranton yards of the Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Railroad. The entire yard is open whenever the park is open.

Within this area, there are multiple opportunities for outdoor activities. There are tables and benches outside the museum complex, available seasonally, for picnic lunches or just relaxing. Outdoor walking tours may be offered, as well as train rides outside our Park boundaries!

When you visit Steamtown NHS, check at the Visitor Center to learn about that day's scheduled activities, as our online calendar can change on short notice!

Did You Know?

A steam locomotive exits a tunnel and rolls past fall colors on one of Steamtown's long train rides.

Railroads are built with as few hills and curves as possible. If a railroad cannot go over or around a hill, a tunnel is constructed through the hill. Some of Steamtown National Historic Site's train rides travel through the Nay Aug Tunnel in Scranton, Pennsylvania. More...