Natural Resource Staff

Resource staff monitoring aquatic habitat.

Cass, Wendy B. - Botanist
Bachelor of Science - Biology - Oberlin College
Master of Science - Botany - University of Vermont

Ms. Cass has been the Botanist at Shenandoah National Park since 1997. She manages the Park's forest vegetation monitoring program, and is involved in a variety of projects to monitor and protect rare plant species and communities throughout the Park. Her additional duties include assisting outside scientists and NPS staff with botanical issues, managing a team of summer technicians, performing environmental compliance work, and helping to manage the park's natural resources volunteer program.

Cummings, Jalyn - Air & Water Program Manager

Demarest, David - Wildlife and Fisheries Biological Science Technician
Bachelor of Science - Environmental Science - Ferrum College

Mr. Demarest has worked for the Natural Resources Branch of Shenandoah National Park since 1991. His duties include assisting the monitoring of flora and fauna as a lead technician and upkeep of monitoring equipment for those tasks. Special focus is on aquatic communities with specialized skills in electroshocking and fish identification and leading the yearly aquatic macroinvertebrate monitoring. Mr. Demarest also is lead assistant for capture and immobilization of nuisance/beggar wildlife within the park.

Garcia, Elizabeth - Air and Waters Quality Monitoring Technician
Bachelor of Arts - Environmental Studies - Green Mountain College

Masters of Professional Studies - Recreation and Resource Management - SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry

Ms. Garcia has worked with the National Park Service at Shenandoah since 2000. Her first season was as a Student Conservation Associate (SCA). She has held many Seasonal Biological Technician positions in various fields including Backcountry and Wilderness Management, Fire Effects Monitoring, Resource Management and Forest Health. In, 2004, she was hired to operate the parks air quality monitoring site, and a few years later water quality monitoring duities were incorporated.

Gubler, Rolf M. - Biologist and Forest Pest Manager
Bachelors of Science - Wildlife Science - Pennsylvania State University
Forest Science - Pennsylvania State University

Mr. Gubler has worked with the National Park Service for over 23 years. Previous assignments at Shenandoah National Park included Biological Technician, Air Quality Monitoring Technician, Environmental Protection Specialist, and Resource Management Specialist. Most of his professional experience has been focused on natural resource management. Currently he manages/supervises the Forest Insect and Disease program, Birds, Terrestrial Insects, Black Bear and White-tailed Deer at Shenandoah.

Hughes, Jacob (Jake) - Exotic Plant Management Biological Science Technician
Bachelor of Science - University of Maryland - College Park

Mr. Hughes joined the resource management staff in 2005. Previous assignments include work in vegetation management at Rock Creek Park (NPS) in Washington, D.C., and horticulture at the National Arboretum. At Shenandoah he manages the Park invasive plant management program. His primary duties include supervising seasonal weed crews and volunteers, and managing a fledgling native plant propagation and restoration program.

Hyduke, Abigail R. - Vegetation Monitoring Biological Science Technician
Bachelor of Science - Botany - The Evergreen State College
Master of Science -Conservation Biology- School of Nature Resources and the Environment -Universityof Michigan

Ms. Hyduke joined the resource staff as Lead Biological Science Technician for the Vegetation Monitoring program in spring of 2012. She is responsible for supervision of summer field crews, data and collections processing and equipment maintenance. Prior to joining the National Park Service, Ms.Hyduke worked as an agro-forestry extension agent with the U.S. Peace Corps in Cameroon. She has also employed her botanical skills in a variety of positions from Southeast Alaska to the Missouri Ozarks.

Koenig, Sara - Administrative Assistant
Bachelor of Science - Biology – Western Kentucky Univ.

Mrs. Koenig joined the staff at Shenandoah National Park in 2014, coming most recently from Gettysburg NMP. She has been working for the National Park Service for over 25 years. She supports the work of the Natural and Cultural Resource Division by providing assistance with payroll, personnel actions, and other administrative needs.

Meyerhoeffer, Dale - Forest Health Biological Science Technician
Bachelor of Science - Forestry; Wildlife Management - Virginia Tech.

Mr. Meyerhoeffer has worked as the Lead Technician in early detection, suppression, and monitoring of a number of exotic forest insects and diseases in the Park since 2007. Since then, he has also performed Integrated Pest Management duties for structural pests throughout the Park. He also assists with various vegetation and wildlife management projects in the Park. Previously, Dale performed exotic plant management with the Regional Exotic Plant Management Team based out of Shenandoah.

Schaberl, Jim - Division Chief of Natural and Cultural Resources,
Associate of Science - Wildlife Technology - Pennsylvania State University
Bachelor of Science - Wildlife Management - West Virginia University
Masters of Science - Wildlife Ecology - State University of New York

Mr. Schaberl joined the resource management staff at Shenandoah in 2008. Since 1988, prior assignments with the National Park Service include Mt. Rainier National Park, Voyageurs National Park, and Saratoga National Historical Park. Although he focused on wildlife management in his assignment at Mt. Rainier, he has a strong background in air and water resources management and has functioned for many years in the capacity of a general natural resource manager. His experience in these other areas covers a range of resource management and science issues common to National Parks.

Williams, Alan - Ecologist / Data Manager
Bachelor of Science - Biology - Earlham College
Master of Science - Forest Resources - University of Georgia

Mr. Williams started as Ecologist/Data Manager for the Natural and Cultural Resources Division at Shenandoah National Park in July 2000. He works with the resource specialists to manage their data for immediate and future use. Projects he helps with include; water quality, aquatic invertebrate monitoring, native trout monitoring, non-native plant monitoring, forest health, rare plant monitoring, and Peregrine Falcon restoration. Alan regularly collaborates with the park GIS coordinator on a variety of mapping projects. He also is a member of the parks technical rescue team and wildfire fighting crew.



Forder, Melissa - Fire Ecologist
Bachelor of Science - Environmental and Forest Biology - State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry

Mrs. Forder worked as the Lead Fire Effects Monitor at Shenandoah from 2000 through 2008. Spring of 2009 she started in her new position as Fire Ecologist. Previously, she worked at Shenandoah as a Biological Science Technician on the vegetation monitoring crew. Prior work experience includes working as an Assistant Research Botanist for The Nature Conservancy and as an Urban Forester. Currently she is the Fire Ecologist that leads a crew of seasonal technicians in the collection of pre burn and post burn vegetation data throughout parks in the Mountains-to-the-Sea Park Group and the Northeast Region.

Hurlbert, Dan - Geographic Information System Specialist (GIS), Fire-GIS Coordinator (acting) - Northeast and National Capital Regions
Bachelor of Science - Geological Oceanography - University of Washington

Mr. Hurlbert has twenty-four years work experience with various agencies in the Federal Government, applying GIS technology to his work since 1992. Prior to his assignment with the National Park Service, he worked with the United States Geological Survey ( Palo Alto , CA ) and the Minerals Management Service ( Anchorage , AK ). His GIS interests support the interdisciplinary nature of the National Park Service and the National Fire Program with emphasis on wildland fire incident support, Burn Area Emergency Rehabilitation team support, Wildland Hazard Assessment Methodology and community education.


SPECIAL TEAMS - Supporting NPS Units in the Region

Mid-Atlantic Exotic Plant Management Team

Lockwood, Brian - Team Liaison

Mid-Atlantic Inventory and Monitoring Network

Comiskey, James A. - Mid-Atlantic Network Coordinator


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