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    National Historical Park New York

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View of the Visitor Center.
View of the Visitor Center, showing two faceted building sections in the background with three cannons in the foreground.
Saratoga National Historical Park


Our Visitor Center offers a 20-minute orientation film, a Revolutionary War timeline display, a fiber-optic light map showing troop movements on the battlefield, and artifact displays. We also have a book and gift shop, operated by our cooperating agency, Eastern National.

The Visitor Center boasts a fantastic scenic overlook of the battlefield. Visitors wanting to picnic while enjoying a natural and historic landscape can use the picnic tables and covered patio behind the building.

View of park book and gift shop, operated by Eastern National, our cooperating agency.

View of our book and gift shop, operated by Eastern National, our cooperating agency.

Saratoga National Historical Park

The Eastern National Bookstore carries a number of publications on the American Revolution and Colonial America, as well as many educationally-based toys and gifts.
Section of Revolutionary War Timeline Exhibit.  Pictured here are several muskets, soldiers' implements, and artillery rounds and tools.

Detail of American Revolution Timeline Exhibit.

Saratoga National Historical Park

A Revolutionary War Timeline Exhibit, installed in the Spring of 2006, incorporates key points of interest for each year of the Revolution. These informational elements are embodied, explained, and illuminated by use of historic images and of artifacts.
Panoramic view of Visitor Center museum area, including Revolutionary War Timeline Exhibit and Fiber-Optic Map Exhibit.

Visitor Center Museum Area.

Saratoga National Historical Park

The Revolutionary War Timeline Exhibit shares museum space with our Fiber-Optic Light Map, also installed in the Spring of 2006. The map uses over 6000 fiber-optic lights to show troop movements on the battlefield during the Battles of Saratoga.

Did You Know?

Small monument depicting a military officer's riding boot and a cannon.

The “Boot Monument” at Saratoga National Historical Park commemorates the deeds of Benedict Arnold on the American side at the Battles of Saratoga. His name doesn’t appear on the monument, but not because of any laws against doing so; no such laws exist. The absence is due to his later treason.