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  • Wayside Exhibits Plan -- Public Input

    Saratoga NHP is asking for public input regarding a Wayside Exhibit Replacement Plan. Public comment period is open through August 31, 2014. Documents on the plan are available for viewing/download. More »

Be A Junior Ranger

Saratoga National Historical Park is pleased to offer our Junior Ranger program!

These are just a few of the fun activities included in the program activity book:

  • Solve a word puzzle to help get a message to the American Army.
  • Navigate a maze to help a lonely soldier make his way safely back to camp.
  • Spy on British forces and get important information.
  • Go on a "virtual scavenger hunt."
  • Create a cool sign for other visitors your age.

Ask for your copy of the Junior Ranger activity book and Junior Ranger badge when you arrive at the Visitor Center!

Saratoga National Historical Park's Junior Ranger program is made possible by Friends of the Saratoga Battlefield (FOSB).

Did You Know?

A camp follower cooking a meal over a campfire.

Camp followers performed a number of important tasks around a Revolutionary War military camp. Mending, laundry, nursing the sick and injured, getting water and firewood, and even scavenging were all necessary for an army.