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  • Rincon Mountain District Backcountry Closures Due to Wildland Fire Activity

    Due to fire activity and for the safety of hikers and campers, some trail and campground closures have been enacted. All off-trail areas within Saguaro National Park east of Douglas Spring Trail and Manning Camp Trails are also closed. More »

  • Short Term Trail Closures for Buffelgrass Treatment

    Between August 19 and August 29, isolated trails in both districts may be closed for a short duration as aerial treatment of invasive buffelgrass is happening in that area. Closures will be posted at each trail and announced on facebook daily. More »



Western National Parks Association

Both visitor centers within Saguaro National Park have a bookstore operated by the Western National Parks Association (WNPA). Western National Parks Association helps make the national park experience possible for everyone. As a nonprofit partner of the National Park Service, WNPA supports parks across the west, developing products, services, and programs that enrich the visitor experience. Since 1938, WNPA has worked to connect new generations to parks in meaningful ways, all with one simple goal: create advocates who want to preserve and protect these special places for everyone, for all time. By shopping at any of the 66 WNPA stores in 12 of the western United States you are helping to support the National Parks.

You can help further by becoming a member of the WNPA. Your basic membership fee includes a 15% discount in all of the WNPA stores (excluding handmade crafts) and 100% of the membership fee goes to a national park, historical site or monument in need.

For more information about WNPA, becoming a member, our products, to sign up for e-mail alerts, or to place an order please feel free to contact either bookstore. The bookstores are open from 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM, everyday except for Christmas.

Red Hills Visitor Center
Saguaro National Park
Tucson Mountain District
2700 N. Kinney Rd
Tucson, AZ 85743
(520) 733-5159

Rincon Mountain Visitor Center
Saguaro National Park
Rincon Mountain District
3693 S. Old Spanish Trail
Tucson, AZ 85730
(520) 733-5155

For more information about Western National Parks Association, visit their website at www.wnpa.org

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