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Guided Programs

The desert provides food, medicine, materials, and more


Ranger programs are available year round in Saguaro National Park. January through April is our busy season and there are a wider variety to choose from daily. During the summer, only a few programs may be offered any given week. Please know that schedules and program titles are always subject to change. Please check at the visitor centers for the most up to date listings.

To see a monthly scheduled listing of programs offered at Saguaro National Park, click on the link below:


Rincon Mountain District
(East of Tucson)

Tucson Mountain District
(West of Tucson)

January Guided Programs

­January Guided Programs

February Guided Programs­

February Guided Programs­

For more things to do in the park, go to the Calendar page to see what special events we have available in the park during your time here.

For a map of Saguaro National Park's two districts, click here...

For information about park entrance fees and federal passes that are available and accepted at Saguaro National Park, go to the park's Fee Information page.

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