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    Russell Cave

    National Monument Alabama

Things To Know Before You Come

We are located five miles from Highway 72 near the small town of Bridgeport, AL. Please see the directions link for more in-depth driving instructions.

Be sure to wear comfortable shoes, and bring a jacket in cooler weather. Bring hiking shoes if you plan to hike along the nature trail.

Only a drink machine is available at the park, so bring lunch if you are planning a long visit.

We have wheelchairs available for visitors upon request.

Strollers are welcome for use on the boardwalk to the cave shelter.

Pets on a leash are welcome on the tour to the cave shelter and the hiking trail, but not inside the visitor center.

Don't forget your camera!

Did You Know?

Russell Cave

Russell Cave National Monument is the oldest rock shelter used regularly for a home in the Eastern United States. It was inhabited during all Prehistoric time periods: Paleo, Archaic, Woodland and Mississippian. Virtually every culture for over 10,000 years is represented by artifacts found here.