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    Russell Cave

    National Monument Alabama

Frequently Asked Questions

How did Russell Cave receive it's name?
Russell Cave was named for Colonel Thomas Russell and his descendents who were owners of property when the area was mapped.

When was Russell Cave founded?
Russell Cave was established as a national monument on May 11, 1961.

Which President declared Russell Cave a National Monument?
President John F. Kennedy.

What are the bolts in the top of the cave for?
The metal support bolts were put in the limestone rock to prevent rocks from falling by the U.S. Bureau of mining in the 1960's.

Are there bats in the cave?
Yes, the brown bat and the northern long ear bat have been seen by researchers in the cave. Bats are nocturnal, so most visitors will never see them.

Are there snakes in the area?
Yes, the most common snakes are the copperhead, rat snake and the king snake. Remember, if you do not bother the snakes, they will not bother you.

How long are the hiking trails?
The nature trail is .6 miles and the hiking trail is 1.2 miles.

How many people lived in the cave at one time?
It is estimated that hunters and gathers lived in small family groups of around 15 to 30 people.

How many people visit Russell Cave each year?
Russell Cave receives about 25,000 visitors each year.

How many acres does Russell Cave National Monument have?
Russell Cave is made up of 310 acres.

Where does the water come from that flows into the cave?
The water comes from an underground stream that originates on Ormh montain.

Are there fish in the cave stream?
Yes, several species are found in the cave stream.

Did You Know?

Pottery Sherd

Most of the pottery found at Russell Cave is less than 2500 years old. Some pottery types lasted for hundreds of years while others were only used a few years. The last pottery used in the Cave was broken around A.D. 1500 to 1650.