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    Russell Cave

    National Monument Alabama

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We encourage and welcome class field trips to Russell Cave!
Please call 256-495-2672 to schedule a trip for your students or group.

The average class trip spans from two to three hours, including time for lunch in the picnic area. There are no concessions in the park other than a water fountain and one beverage machine, so please come prepared.

Due to our limited staff, only class sizes of 25-30 will receive a Ranger-led tour, prehistoric tools and weapons demonstration and a educational film. Larger class sizes are welcome to come to the park but will need to be self-guided after a brief orientation by a Park Ranger.

Did You Know?

Prescribed Fire at Russell Cave

The National Fire Plan, created by Congress in 2000, seeks to improve management of wildland fires through fuels reduction, prescribed fire, and other programs. The photo at left was taken during a prescribed fire at Russell Cave National Monument.