Current Conditions

Conditions in the mountains can change quickly! Know what to expect and be prepared.

Bear Lake Snow Conditions - See the latest snow depth, weather and road information.

Weather - Check to see what the weather might bring during your visit.

Webcams - Glimpse the view from several locations in the park to help gauge what the conditions are like.

Road Status Report - Get the latest information on what's open and closed in the park.

Trail Conditions Report - Snowy, icy, wet, dry...find out what your backcountry adventure might bring.

Longs Peak Conditions - Planning on climbing the park's highest peak? Find out what you should be prepared to encounter along the way.

Fire Information and Restrictions - Find out about restrictions on campfires and fire danger.

Flood Impacts and Closures - Recent flooding in the park may still affect your visit.

Area Closures to Protect Plants and Animals - Don't find yourself where you shouldn't be. Learn what areas might be closed to protect park resources.

For information about Rocky Mountain National Park call 970-586-1206 daily 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (Mountain Time).

Did You Know?