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    Rocky Mountain

    National Park Colorado

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Teacher & Student Resources

teacher guide

Teacher Guides provide background information about Rocky Mountain NP.

Courtesy NPS

Bring Rocky Mountain National Park into your classroom!

The park's Education Office is working to develop resources to help you bring the themes of Rocky Mountain National Park into your classroom. The materials and links provided in this section can help you and your students prepare for ranger-led and self-guided visits to the park; help you prepare to teach about science content related to the Rocky Mountains; or be used by your students to conduct research about the park and its associated resources. We hope that these resources will provide inspiration and support for you and your students to learn about Rocky Mountain National Park and its associated resources.

If you would like to visit Rocky Mountain National Park with your class or schedule a classroom visit to complement your curriculum, please see Plan a Field Trip.

Teacher Guides
We are currently developing a series of teacher's guides to be used as pre-visit information or for stand-alone instruction in the classroom. Each guide contains background information to assist educators in better understanding the resources of Rocky Mountain National Park, as well as lists of key concepts and inquiry questions, and additional resources to learn more. Each pdf guide can be downloaded on computers equipped with Adobe Acrobat. Click here to see our current teacher guides.

Science in the Park
Learn about science and research in Rocky Mountain National Park. Click Here to access datasets, research publications, and park management fact sheets and documents.

Podcasts: Science Behind the Scenes
The park is currently producing a series of podcasts about the resources and science in the park. The Science Behind the Scenes series explores current topics in the park and presents the scientific research park staff have accumulated. Click Here to view our current selection of Science Behind the Scenes Podcasts.

Fun Facts for Teachers
In the past, Rocky Mountain National Park published a series called Terry's Tidbits. These Tidbits have been updated to become Fun Facts for Teachers. Each Fun Fact article focuses on a resource or issue in the park and is about one page in length. The Fun Facts are organized into nine categories - Environment and Ecosystems, Fauna, Flora, Geology, History, Operations, Research, Seasons, and Volunteer and Youth Groups. Click Here to view our collection of Fun Facts.

Web Resources
The National Park Service, as well as other federal agencies and many non-profit organizations, offer a wealth of online resources to support educators. Take a virtual fieldtrip in a national park, download science and history curriculum, and learn about the science and research behind many of our current Hot Topics, such as Climate Change and the Mountain Pine Beetle. Click Here to access a selection of web resources to support your teaching and learning.

Park Publications
Rocky Mountain National Park publishes several brochures and periodicals. Click Here to view digital copies of our Park Newspaper, Park Trip Planner, and brochures about the resources in the park.

Photo Gallery
The park now offers photos of places and resources around the park through our Flickr account. The photos can be viewed and downloaded for your use in your classroom. Click Here to view our collection of photo galleries.

Did You Know?

a photo of Elizabeth Burnell, the nation's first female nature guide

Rocky Mountain National Park licensed the nation’s first female nature guides in 1917. Sisters Ester and Elizabeth Burnell learned the naturalist trade from advocate and author Enos Mills.