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Support Rivers of Steel! Rivers of Steel National Heritage Area’s mission is to preserve, interpret and promote the resources of the Age of Big Steel. Its goal is to ensure that the region’s remarkable industrial history and the living legacy of the people of Southwestern Pennsylvania endure for generations to come.

Your contributions support Rivers of Steel’s mission to restore heritage sites, develop interpretive and educational programming, support cultural conservation, and construct trails and river landings.

For more information on how you can become a contributing partner in the stewardship of this region’s remarkable industrial and cultural heritage call 412-464-4020 or visit us online at www.riversofsteel.com

Did You Know?

Rolling Rock Bottles

Some people believe the number “33” on the back of the Rolling Rock Beer bottle stands for 1933, the year Prohibition was repealed. The Rolling Rock brewery is located in Latrobe, PA- within the Rivers of Steel National Heritage Area.