Who was Albert Gallatin

Albert Gallatin is best remembered for his thirteen year tenure as Secretary of the Treasury during the Jefferson and Madison administrations. In that time he reduced the national debt, purchased the Louisiana Territory and funded the Lewis & Clark exploration. Gallatin's accomplishments and contributions are highlighted at Friendship Hill, his restored country estate.

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Map of National Park Sites in Western Pennsylvania

Explore the National Parks of Western Pennsylvania

Western PA is the home to five National Park sites showcasing the history of the region and beauty of the outdoors. What discoveries will you make?

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Children in historic clothing dancing on the Gallatin House lawn


Each year the Friendship Hill Assoc. holds FestiFall, a celebration of the life and times of Albert Gallatin. Enjoy historic crafts, food, and fun.

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Participants on a flower walk

Things to Do

Friendship Hill offers activities for the history buff and the outdoor enthusiast.

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Title page of the Teacher's Guide

Teacher's Guide

This teacher's guide provides background information on Gallatin, pre-visit lessons and post-visit activities.

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Albert Gallatin while Secretary of Treasury

Field Trip: Secretary of Treasury, Board Game

The park ranger guides the students as they play the board game deciding how to spend the federal money as they try to be Secretary of Treasury.

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Line drawing with items from Whiskey Rebellion

Field Trip: Whiskey Rebellion

The park ranger guides the students as they role play the Whiskey Rebellion Trails of 1795. The students learn about the causes of the rebellion.

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